Facilities Use Guidelines

The congregation of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church wishes to make its facilities and grounds available both for the worship of God, and as part of our congregational commitment to do His work by serving and supporting our larger community. We ask any person or group using our facility to exercise care and respect for the grounds, equipment, and other property of the Church.

Anyone wishing to use the Church facilities should contact the Church office initially. The Church secretary may approve routine requests, consulting with the Pastor as appropriate. Other requests will be forwarded by the secretary to the Congregational President or Pastor, who will determine approval in consultation with the Council as appropriate. All requests for facilities use begin with the completion of the form available in the Church office. The secretary is responsible for maintaining an up-to-date calendar of all activities scheduled in the facility, which will be posted outside the Church office, and for maintaining an up-to-date file of facilities use forms.

Member Use

  • Active members, member groups, and associate members of Good Shepherd may use the buildings, grounds and equipment in a manner consistent with the Church’s mission, with the approval of the Church office. Advance notice of four weeks is requested.
  • All worship services; including weddings, funerals, and baptism are to be arranged in advance with the Pastor.

Non-Member Use

Use of the facilities for profit or non-profit groups shall be permitted with the approval of the Congregational Council. Advance notice of four weeks is requested.

General Guidelines

  • The suggested donations are per meeting, other situations should be negotiated with the Congregational Council. Donations will be recorded by the Church Secretary and should be received one week in advance of the event.
  • Groups are expected to leave the building in the condition in which it was found. Please make sure all lights are turned out including those in the restrooms.
  • There is to be no smoking in any part of the building and no use of alcohol in the building or on Church grounds.
  • Please do not leave children unsupervised.
  • Generally, there will be no charge for church related groups. Donations for overnight groups will be accepted.
  • Equipment such as tables, chairs, and coffee pots may be borrowed by members. Please register on the sheet in the kitchen and indicate on the same sheet when the items are returned.
  • Specific guidelines for Kitchen/Fellowship Hall are attached.


Facilities Use Agreement Form 7-12-18

Kitchen-Fellowship Hall Use Checklist (PDF)

Facility Use Fee Schedule (PDF)