For additional information about music at Good Shepherd contact Music Director Brooke Joyce. 563-419-9995    

Music Schedule, Winter/Spring 2024

3/3 Guests Offertory: Aurora
3/10 Handbells Offertory: TBA
3/17 Choir Offertory: “My Song is Love Unknown” (Childs)
3/24 Handbells Offertory: TBA
3/28 MT Choir Offertory: “Behold The Lamb of God” (Willan)
3/29 GF Jazz Jazz service
3/31 Easter Band Gathering: “Rondeau” (Mouret)

Offertory: “Easter Anthem” (Billings)

Postlude: “And the Glory of the Lord” (Handel)

4/7 Choir Offertory: “Hear the Sound of Joy” (Viadana)
4/14 Jazz Jazz service
4/21 Handbells Offertory: TBA
4/28 Band Gathering/Offertory/Postlude
5/5 Guests Offertory: Norskkor
5/12 Band Gathering/Offertory/Postlude
5/19 Choir Offertory: “Spirit God, Eternal Word” (Behnke)


  • Choir rehearses weekly, Wednesdays 7-7:45 pm; on Sundays, warm-up at 8:45
  • Band rehearses weekly, Wednesdays 7:45-8:30 pm; on Sundays, warm-up at 8:45
  • Handbells rehearse at 8:45 on the morning we play
  • All members/friends/guests at Good Shepherd are welcome to join each of these groups. For more information, please contact our music director, Brooke Joyce: 419-9995, or

Save the Date!

Good Shepherd Lenten Recital Series

Wednesdays, 12:15-12:45

March 6: Mattie Snyder, cello and friends (solo and chamber music)

March 13: Luther College Organ Studio (students of Alex Meszler)

March 20: Craig Hultgren, cello and Brooke Joyce, keyboard (meditative music)

Music has been a significant focus of the Lutheran tradition since the Reformation. Good Shepherd is committed to enhancing and strengthening the meaningful worship life of the congregation through a variety of both vocal and instrumental music. A historic organ provides the musical framework of most worship experiences, with significant contributions from the choir and instrumental ensembles.  Our Music Director, Brooke Joyce, coordinates musical activities at Good Shepherd. 


The Good Shepherd Choir offers their musical gifts during worship services throughout the year, and also at area retirement homes. The group typically offers anthems three Sundays per month during the school year, with rehearsals scheduled for Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm. All those who love to sing are invited to join us!  Music Director is Brooke Joyce.


The Good Shepherd Band is a brass and woodwind ensemble which plays for Sunday worship services approximately once per month. All instrumentalists are welcome to join!  We rehearse Wednesday nights at 8:00 pm.

Handbell Choir

Good Shepherd owns a beautiful 3-octave set of Mallmark handbells which we feature in worship services as often as we can!  Our intergenerational handbell choir plays the bells on selected Sunday morning services, and we rehearse on selected Wednesday evenings at 6 pm. We welcome all ages and music reading abilities–there is a place for everyone in this group! Please be in touch with Brooke Joyce if you’d like to be informed of opportunities for you or your children to play the handbells.


A number of members serve as cantors, taking turns leading the congregation in parts of worship that are sung responsively. If you are interested in being a cantor or learning more about what’s involved, please contact Brooke Joyce, Music Director.

Hook and Hastings Organ #1193

Hook and Hastings organIn 2009, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church acquired a magnificent Hook and Hastings #1193 Organ. The 2-manual, 8-stop, 11-rank organ was built in Boston in 1883 as a parlor organ for the home of Mrs. Thomas T. Fisher of Hartford, CT. The organ has been on a journey ever since its original home setting was taken down in 1890 in an early urban expansion. Organ Historical Society records list the Congregational Church in Chelmsford Center, Tyngsborough Evangelical Church, and St. Joseph’s Catholic Church — all in Massachusetts — as subsequent locations.

Acquired in 1973 by Ruth and Paul Tweeten, the organ was moved to the Midwest and in 1990 underwent an extensive rebuild by J.C. Taylor Organmakers, in Kaukauna, WI. It was installed at Bethel Lutheran Church in Green Bay where it was in service for ten years. Damaged in its storage location by severe weather, the organ was once again refurbished and restored by Jim Taylor in 2008, prior to its installation at Good Shepherd.