Missions Abroad

Good Shepherd sponsors the following missions abroad:

Through our membership in the Northeastern Iowa Synod of the ELCA, Good Shepherd members share a companion relationship with people who are part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hungary. Through this relationship, synod members have an opportunity to expand their horizons to learn, grow and pray with and for our Siblings in Christ in Hungary. Good Shepherd also supports Young Adults in Global Mission serving in Hungary. Read more about this relationship here. http://www.neiasynod.org/ministries/companion-synod-hungary/  

Below is the May 2020 letter from Zach Courter, ELCA Missionary – YAGM Central Europe Country Coordinator.   The May 2020 newsletter from the Central Europe Missionaries is also below.

Greetings Friends and Supporters in Iowa!

This weekend we celebrate Roma Resistance Day. This celebration every May 16th commemorates the uprising in the Roma section of a nazi death camp 76 years ago. Beyond just remembering this brave and heroic event, the commemoration is meant to empower and encourage Roma communities and Roma allies nowadays to stand up against current social injustices encountered by the Roma community around the world.

You are also invited to celebrate this commemoration today by joining the conversation led by YAGM Central Europe partner organization Phiren Amenca on their facebook page today at 12pm EST.

Please also find attached our most recent newsletter. Over the past few weeks, we have enjoyed *virtually* connecting with some of you with sermons and zoom calls. For those that are interested, please reach out to me and schedule a time to connect that makes sense for your community. Here is a link to the “video” copy of the newsletter, which has a short movie of Dorothy learning to walk on the final page. If you are one who normally prints out our newsletter to post in a public space, here is a higher quality printable edition.

May God’s peaceful and encouraging presence be with us too, as we learn to walk together into the new realities of life that await us.

In Christ,

Pastor Zach
Zachary Courter
he / him / his (what’s this?)
ELCA Missionary – YAGM Central Europe Country Coordinator
+36 20/375 7284

May 2020 Newsletter

Members also share in a companion relationship with Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia. http://www.neiasynod.org/ministries/companion-synod-namibia/

Good Shepherd also supports Mary Beth and Bayo Oyebade and their ministry in Jos, Nigeria through the Mashiah Foundation.    http://mashiahfoundation.org/