Carbon Neutral Initiative at Good Shepherd

On Sunday, June 5th 2022, the Good Shepherd Congregation voted to go forward in partnership with Mission Green LLC on the carbon neutral initiative. Stay up to date on the progress of the project here, and learn about it below.


August 2nd, 2022

GOOD NEWS: Last week, we were informed that Good Shepherd would receive a $12,500 grant to offset the costs associated with the Carbon Neutral Initiative. This grant is through Hammond Climate Solutions,,  a foundation based in San Diego, California. Jim applied for this grant this past spring, and we mentioned that we hoped we might be eligible. The funding should arrive following the completion of the installation of our solar equipment and heat pumps.

BAD NEWS: The realities of worldwide supply chain disruptions are also affecting our Carbon Neutral Initiative. We knew that there would be some delays with the needed equipment, but unfortunately, the delays are going to be even greater than we had anticipated. The current equipment delays are with the Square D electrical cabinets and main breakers for the updated electrical infrastructure. 

Unfortunately, in the proper sequence of construction events, this electrical equipment must be installed first before any other parts of the entire project can proceed. At this time, we’re probably looking at another month of delays. In the best-case scenario, we hope to be moving forward in the middle of August. However, until this Square D electrical equipment shows up, the entire project will be on hold.

Questions/concerns? Contact Jim and Liz at:


Visit their website to learn more: and watch the proposal video and discussion with experts video below: 

Jim and Liz Fritz are 30-year members of Good Shepherd. They’re both retired band directors, having taught in Decorah for 30 years, and live just two blocks from Good Shepherd. They have owned and operated a sole proprietorship business for over 25 years involving rental units and upgrading properties in their neighborhood. They have formed Mission Green, LLC specifically for the Carbon Neutral Initiative that is being proposed.

The business relationship would be established through a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) and a lease between Good Shepherd Church and Mission Green, LLC. These financial contracts will provide a conduit to an affordable solution allowing for payments over time. The expenses to the church will be predetermined throughout the life of the contracts. Mission Green is responsible for all liabilities and contingencies.

Benefits of this Project:

    • Good Shepherd Church becomes Carbon Neutral
    • Proactive replacement of aging 34 year old furnaces eliminates reactive, expensive replacement
      • Upgrades at reduced rate (approx. 70% value) to Good Shepherd, spread out over 7 years
    • At the end of the lease and Power Purchase Agreement, Good Shepherd will own all heat pumps with an advanced air purification system for the Sanctuary and upgraded electrical equipment, create all of their own energy using solar and have a covered waterproof courtyard.

At their April meeting the church Council voted to allow the congregation to vote on the Initiative on June 5. The vote was not an endorsement at this time, simply providing an opportunity for the congregation to have a voice in this decision. Mission Green’s proposal is a comprehensive plan utilizing the latest/best technologies available. It will provide Good Shepherd with a long horizon of Carbon Neutrality. More importantly, it also includes the ability to guarantee energy costs (versus the volatile situation we are currently in) and the opportunity to redirect future energy costs towards more vital church missions.

Any questions may be directed to Jim and Liz at: