Text of Council Update in This Time of Transition

November 19, 2023

Kris Peterson, Good Shepherd Congregation VP


Good morning! My name is Kris Peterson.  I currently serve as your Good Shepherd Vice President,  

I bring you Greetings and Peace this morning from your Good Shepherd Church Council..

In this season of transition, I want to assure you of the Council’s prayers for you, for one another, for our staff, for Pastor Amy, and as we commit to God our future. We pray for Pastor Amy and her family, with hearts of thanksgiving for her ministry among us, and for her own transition, even as she works with dedication born of love to smooth this transition for us. Thank you for your prayers for Good Shepherd, that we transition well, love and support one another, and continue to serve one another and others with ~  and flowing from ~  the gifts God has so richly given us.  

I speak to you this morning with a heart of gratitude for the abundance of gifts of this congregation.  You are living your faith as you serve in countless, quiet ways.  Thank you. 

Today I update you that the Nominations Committee is close to completing its work on congregational leadership nominations for 2024.  Thank you to all who have prayerfully considered accepting servant leadership roles at Good Shepherd.  We vote for this slate of nominations at our Annual Meeting on February 4, 2024.  

From all of us, I express gratitude to the Stewardship Committee for their meaningful leadership work in this fall’s Good Shepherd “Living Stones” campaign.  Thank you to all who have so generously responded, and to those of you who are finalizing your responses.

Our strong and talented staff serve us, organize us, and invite us.  Thank you, Brooke, Kelli, Erica, and Tristan ~ and to the people of Good Shepherd for prayers, support, responsiveness, and encouragement of our staff.  Led and strengthened by the Spirit, Good Shepherd carries forward the mission of the Church .

As the Council proceeds in faithful, and orderly work, we will keep our church family informed in this process of transition


To that end:


Last Tuesday night, 11/14/23, the Congregation Council, Pr. Amy, and all the staff met with Pr. Liz Bell of the NE IA Synod.   Pr. Liz will be working with us throughout the call process. Pr. Bell knows and respects the core beliefs and commitments of Good Shepherd, and I assure you she listened well to us. She heard us.

We are proceeding in focus and orderly manner the steps of transition.

  1. The staff, executive committee, and council are in discussion of the role of a transition team
  2. The synod has shared with the Good Shepherd Executive Committee the name of a potential intentional interim candidate who may possibly start serving us soon. A meeting date with that candidate has been set in a week and a half.  We will keep you informed.  I can assure you the bishop of the candidate for intentional interim and our bishop and Pr. Bell feel that this is a good match.  While this does not work like a “dating” app … we are optimistic.
  3. The Executive Committee and Council will be at work on establishing a Call Committee as per our Constitution. A Call Committee will be formed by the Annual Meeting on Feb. 4.  Pastor Liz Bell will be at work with them through the process of call.
  4. Pastor Amy’s closing Sunday of ministry with us will be January 7th.  We will have a celebration of her ministry and our time together on January 7th.  

Dear people, Allow yourselves to feel all that you feel.  Share with one another.  Lift one another and Good Shepherd in your prayers and with your presence.   

And for today… May you enjoy the beauty of this day.  Go in peace in the Spirit of today’s worship, encouraged by the Word, strengthened by our Communion, and in the sure knowledge that God is Faithful.