Prayer Shawl Ministry Contributes to Scarf Project


IMG_2372Feeling the icy winds and snowy air now that December has arrived? Decorah native Steven Nelson has responded to this need by initiating a “Scarves in the Park” project. He requests that anyone with winter scarves, caps or gloves to spare hang them on the trees in the Norm Smith Plaza park near the Coop.

IMG_2374     IMG_2378     IMG_2380
The Good Shepherd Prayer Shawl ministry responded to this request, contributing 10 scarves which were hung by Jeri Laursen. Each scarf was marked with a tag from the Good Shepherd Prayer Shawl Ministry.  The motto of Scarves in the Park is NEED a scarf. TAKE a scarf.  HAVE a scarf.  LEAVE a scarf.  The project continues until December 22 or until the scarves are gone.  Any items left will be donated to a local organization that can find a much needed home for them.