Neighbors Helping Neighbors Can Receive Thrivent Choice Dollars

We are pleased to announce that the Congregational United Church of Christwhich administers the Neighbors Helping Neighbors fund, has been identified as an organization to receive Thrivent Choice dollars.  The Neighbors Helping Neighbors fund is a resource for those experiencing immigration related emergencies, and helps with needs such as rent, food, utilities, and transportation on a short term basis within the Northeast Iowa community. The need is great and constant.

By directing Choice Dollars, eligible Thrivent members can recommend which nonprofit organizations they feel should receive charitable grant funding from Thrivent.

If you have Choice Dollars available to direct, please consider directing to Congregational United Church of Christ, Decorah.  All Thrivent dollars received will be directed to the Neighbors Helping Neighbors fund.

To learn more, visit Or call Thrivent at 800-8474836 and say “Thrivent Choice” when prompted.