Christ the King Sunday at Good Shepherd


Good Shepherd 57_20151122_115008On Sunday, November 22, Christ the King Sunday was celebrated at Good Shepherd with several special events. The pulpit paraments for all the seasons of the church year were hung from the altar.  The paraments were woven over several years by congregation member Barbara Berg.  From left to right in the photo the paraments are intended for the seasons of Advent (blue), Trinity (green), Lent (purple), Pentecost and Reformation Sunday (red), and Easter and special celebrations (white).

Good Shepherd 57_20151122_115737 (1)

The day was also a celebration of the 57th birthday of the founding of the Good Shepherd congregation.  Charter members living in the area were recognized during the service. Those attending were:  John Bale, Erik Berg, Lindsay Erdman, Lowell Erdman, Mildred Kjome, Karl Knudson, Verne Koenig, Justine Lionberger, Beverly (Ramsey) Nelson, Diane (Wicks) Osborn, LaVerne Ramsey, Helen Schweizer, and Anvy Wicks.


Two new members also joined the congregation on Sunday.

Photos by Clara Knudson