My Story:

I inherited polycystic kidney disease (PKD), which has caused my kidney function to
diminish gradually since PKD was diagnosed in 1994. I am now in Stage 5, the last stage of
chronic kidney disease; on dialysis; and still hoping for a kidney transplant. I have been
approved for one at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota.

A kidney transplant would enable me to extend and enrich my life: to fulfill longed-for
retirement plans, including contributing time and energy to church and community activities in
Decorah; traveling; and pursuing other interests and goals that have been precluded by my
declining health.

Approved for a kidney transplant at Mayo Clinic in 2022, I am listed on the national
deceased donor transplant list (UNOS). However, because the wait for a deceased donor
transplant is long and hopefully dialysis is only a temporary treatment, I am also pursuing a
living-donor kidney transplant at Mayo. Willing family members volunteered and were tested
but not approved. Thus, I am reaching out for your help, which can take many forms: prayers
and positive support; sharing information in person or on social media about my search for a living
kidney donor; and consideration by you or someone you know who might become a living kidney

To find out more about becoming a living kidney donor, including paired donation, go
to If you have questions or need more information at any time,
you may contact the living donor transplant team at or
call toll-free 866-227-1569. Thank you for helping me!