Youth Ministry

YOUTH FORUM (7th-12th grade)

Sunday School and Youth Forum are ready to resume in 2021!  Please note the following dates. ALL SS/YF activities will take place at 10:45 am on Sundays on Zoom Reminders and links will be sent each week to families.  Children’s Sermons will also be posted to the Good Shepherd YouTube channel twice each month.
Once a month, during the Sunday School time at 10:45 am, families with children are invited to worship together with Vicar Kathryn and Pastor Amy via Zoom. We will sing and pray and share in worship activities designed to connect with children. This will be offered in addition to the 9:30 am service on YouTube.
Sunday School/Family Worship link here.
Youth Forum link here.

Child and Youth Abuse Prevention Program:  At the Annual Meeting of the Congregation on February 4, 2018, a Child and Youth Abuse Prevention Program was formally adopted by the Good Shepherd congregation.  The program was recommended by the ELCA as well as Church Mutual, the Good Shepherd insurance company, and ratified by the Congregation Council.  Legal counsel was also consulted.

Abuse Prevention Program