Worship Online

Holy Week Worship Information here: 

From Pastor Amy – You are invited to make a home altar to have near you as you participate in online worship. Suggestions for the home altar include a candle, a bowl of water, a cross, pictures of people who help remind you of God’s presence with you.

Holy Week Resource for Families – To share in Holy Week at home with children using all your senses, use this resource: https://www.ministrylinks.online/uploads/1/2/4/3/124396707/holy_week_home_2020.pdf

Maundy Thursday Dinner Worship (April 9) – 5:30 pm

You are invited to share in an online Dinner Worship around your dining table. We will remember our Lord’s last supper as we share in suppers at our homes. As we share in this virtual meal, you’re invited to have bread and wine or grape juice available and remember Christ’s presence is always with us.

  • As you prepare for Dinner Worship, take care setting the table. When possible, use a tablecloth and arrange items in the center that represent your faith, for example: a cross, family Bible, children’s Bible, photos, candles, etc. There is no right or wrong for this! 
  • Pastor Amy and some Good Shepherd members will lead you through a brief opening to worship and then you will be invited to pause the worship video and share in conversation and personal reflection.You can then restart the video and join together in prayer at the table and as you clear and wash the dishes. 

Good Friday (April 10) – 7:00 pm

In preparation for Good Friday, gather the crosses in your home near you. We will receive the sign of the cross on our bodies as we move through worship at 7:00 pm. 

Easter Worship (April 12) – 9:30 am

From Pastor Amy It will not seem like Easter but we need to know Christ is risen now more than ever. We cannot gather but there have always been Christians who have not been able to gather to worship, for one reason or another, who have still found ways to worship, praise and proclaim Christ crucified and risen. Together we can keep on practicing resurrection.

These words from Matthew’s account of the resurrection are so very important in this time. “The angel said to the women, ‘Do not be afraid; I know that you are looking for Jesus who was crucified. He is not here; for he has been raised, as he said. Come, see the place where he lay.'” In these days of global pandemic, the presence of the crucified and risen Christ is what allows us to not be afraid. It is what allows us to praise, proclaim and practice resurrection.

Easter Vigil Resource:  To wait and watch for the resurrection, you are invited to join in an Easter Vigil at home using this resource prepared by Pastor Melissa Bills. The Easter Vigil is the way that the church waits and holds its breath for Easter morning to show up. This is a time of faith and hope: God promises resurrection and we keep watch so that we don’t miss it when it shows up! The church passes this waiting by telling stories of faith that remind us of God’s saving promises. We light a new fire. We remember our baptisms. And we say the first “Alleluias!” of Easter.

This resource gives you what you need to hold vigil in your own home.
Find a cross, a candle (and something to light it with), a small bowl of water, and a Bible (children’s Bibles are great!). If you have a way to watch online videos, be ready for that, too.    

Easter Suggestion: From The New York Times: Rev. Molly Bosscher of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, recommends getting up early to watch the Easter sunrise. “Share a thanksgiving. Easter morning, at first light, is when Christians believe Christ was resurrected.” 

If you are interested in doing a reading for worship using Zoom or video (as you saw last week) please email Pr. Amy.

Worship Services at Good Shepherd began to be online via YouTube on Sunday, March 15 during the Covid-19 epidemic.  Click on the date links to view services.  Click on the bulletin link for the bulletin.  Weekly services may be viewed by clicking on this link: YouTubeThere you will also find children’s ministry videos from our Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministry.