Welcome New Members – October 24, 2021

New members were welcomed to Good Shepherd on Sunday, October 24, 2021.  Photos of each family are posted on the Good Shepherd Flickr site and under the CONNECT TAB at the “New Member Photos” link.  Shepherds and new members (printed in red) are listed below:

Jim and Kathy Buzza:  Matt, Melissa, Sam and Eleanor  

Brent and Bridget Parker:  David, Kirsten, John and Henry  

Naomi Craft:  Bonnie  

Tom and Connie Buresh:  Tim and Melanie  

Chris and Bonnie Johnson:  Kelli  

Jonathon Struve:  Jason, Karin, Gabriel and Mikayla  

Dave and Kris Peterson:  Doug, Stacey, Aidan, Keaton and Logan  

Dave and Gail Judisch:  Rolf and Kimberly