Stewardship Appeal for 2018

A Place to Connect: with God, others and the world

Stewardship Appeal for 2018

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is a place to connect. In this space, we connect with God, with others, and with the world.

The online Statement of Intent (Pledge) form is here at this link – online form – to send your Statement of Intent directly to the church office.

Stewardship Update:  Thanks be to God! Thank you to everyone for your investment in the growing ministry at Good Shepherd and your wonderful response to our Stewardship Campaign, “A Place to Connect.” Our central purpose was to increase generosity at Good Shepherd. We did this using the following approaches a) identifying clear ministry goals, b) setting concrete goals for dollar amounts and number of households participating, and c) sharing personal stories.

Results: We decided on two ways to measure progress toward our goal of increasing generosity: One goal was to have at least 85 returned intent statements by the end of 2017. The second goal was to increase giving by $85,000 during the coming year through increases in offerings and special one-time gifts. We anticipated two phases for this – a fall stewardship drive and a spring appeal.

As of December 19, 2017, we have received 96 statements of intent and the combined commitment for offering and special giving is currently $ 83,769! The offering increase is higher than we had projected and we will take that into consideration as we plan our Stewardship for All Seasons work in 2018.

Snapshot of Response: 96 turned in a Statement of Intent form (one “will give, no pledge”). 17 made their first ever pledge – or returned to pledging after not doing so last year. 61 of the 96 increased their pledge from last year. Of the 61, 49 increased their pledge by 10% more. Of the 49, 14 doubled their pledge from last year! 7 kept their pledge the same (some of these also made significant one-time gifts). 3 needed to decrease their pledge. 12 who pledged last year have not yet pledged (includes deceased members or members who have moved).

Summation:  These numbers show a generous and committed congregation that is invested and investing in our ministry growth together. It is wonderful to have such a broad-based, diverse response to stewardship at this time of great possibility at Good Shepherd! If you have yet to turn in a Statement of Intent – online form – for your offering to Good Shepherd in 2018, there is still time – wouldn’t it be wonderful to reach 100!?!!!