Update About Shepherds and Flocks

June 17, 2020

Beloved of God,

Back in March when the pandemic began, Good Shepherd created small groups to provide support and assistance in managing all the changes and restrictions that were put in place to keep us all safe. We have called these small groups Flocks and the groups leaders, Shepherds. Initially the plan was for the Shepherds to be available to assist Flock members with any Pandemic related issues, such as getting groceries, medications, and masks. What we have learned over the past 3 months is that nearly everyone is able to access those necessities without assistance from their Shepherds. As a result, the Shepherd/Flock model has evolved into a way for members to stay connected with Good Shepherd during these long months when we haven’t been able to gather together for worship. During this time your Shepherds have been praying for you, phoning, emailing, and sending cards in order to offer you encouragement and support as we navigate this unprecedented experience.

Now, as we enter the fourth month of the pandemic, and people’s needs are less urgent, we want you to know that your Shepherds will be contacting you less frequently. You will still hear from them, but just not as often. But please remember, if you need anything, your shepherds are there to serve you, and are eager to help. So don’t hesitate to contact them by email or phone with your concerns. If the pandemic does get worse in our area, Shepherds will be in contact more often.

We also want you to know that if you no longer wish to be included in a flock and receive contact from your Shepherds, that is fine. Please let Pr. Amy, Pr. Marion or your Shepherd know that you would like to be removed from the list. We recognize that for some, emails and phone calls may feel intrusive, and not helpful, and we want to honor that.

We are so grateful to our Shepherds for all that they have been doing to share the love of God with each of you during these past several months. And we are grateful for each of you, beloved child of God, for your connection to Good Shepherd and for the ministry that we share.

Peace to you,
Pastor Marion and Pastor Amy

March 24, 2020

Good Shepherd congregation has put in place a system to help us all stay connected in mutually supportive ways during this extraordinary time. Under the guidance of Pr. Amy, and with the support of the Social Justice Sub-committee, we have grouped the congregation into 10 “Flocks.” Each Flock has 14 or 15 individual and family group members. These Flocks will be cared for by 10 “Shepherds.”  You can think of these Shepherds as an expansion of the pastoral ministry of our congregation.

The Shepherds will be in direct communication with their Flocks through phone calls, email, and hand written notes. Shepherds, as much as possible, will assist with arranging support services for their flock – meaning they will contact other members at large – to pick up groceries, medications, or run other necessary errands. Shepherds will share pastoral concerns with Pr. Amy and Pr. Marion who will provide further care. The Shepherds will maintain confidentiality, and will only share needs and concerns with Pr. Amy and Pr. Marion.

Thank you to our Shepherds! Please keep them in your prayers.

Tom and Connie Buresh
Ed and Joyce Epperly
Reg and Jeri Laursen
Doris Barnaal
Kris and Dave Peterson
Norma and Harley Refsal
Jerry and Ruth Bruce
Dave and Gail Judisch 
Marilyn Rue 
Martha Steele and Bob Felde