Revelation Sermon Series

Revelation is not an end-time calendar. It was written to encourage Christians to remain hopeful in difficult times, to resist the idolatrous claims of empire, and to remain faithful to the vision of a just future that God is bringing to our world.

During the five weeks after Easter the lectionary gives us readings from the book of Revelation. Exploring the message of hope in Revelation will be our focus during the Easter season. This strange book offers such wisdom and help for us in our present difficult times.

April 24 – Revelation 1:4-18 “Jesus Christ, the Firstborn of the Dead”
May 1 – Revelation 5:1-14 ‘’Worthy is Christ, The Lamb Who Was Slain”
May 8 – Revelation 7:9-17 “Therefore with Angels and Archangels and All the Host of Heaven”
May 15 – Revelation 19:6-9; 21:1-6 “When God Comes Down”
May 22 – Revelation 21:10-12, 21-22:7 “Back to the Future”
Rev. Svanoe has recently published a book on preaching through Revelation. He will share insights into this confusing and often frightening book of the Bible during Thursday morning Bible Study during the Season of Easter. Each week we will explore one of the major characters in the book and try to understand its meaning for today. All are welcome to attend these Bible Study sessions. They are held at 10:00 a.m. in the Good Shepherd Library.