Redecorating at Good Shepherd, Part 1


A stalwart crew volunteered this past Friday and Saturday to paint the newly refurnished Narthex as well as hallway ceilings and walls.  The traditional Good Shepherd pink morphed into a creamy white with gold accents.  Walls were first washed with TSP and rinsed, holes and cracks were repaired, and all hanging objects removed. Verdi’s opera, Don Carlos, performed by the Metropolitan Opera, inspired the painters to burn through the last hours of Saturday to ready the spaces for weekend services.

IMG_1773        IMG_1774

Reactions from worshipers on Sunday morning ranged from “gorgeous” and “wonderfully bright” to someone noting that the Nils Kjome sculpture, a figure of the Good Shepherd, could finally “breathe” even though it was hanging in its customary space. Work will continue on Monday until the painting is completed.

IMG_1775    IMG_1776