Praying the News, “Before” – November 2016

images-1PRAYING THE NEWS: Ways to pray before, during, and after

As people of faith, the watching, listening to, reading, and discussing the news offers us an opportunity to pray. Prayer is a positive, life-giving response to the news. Prayer lifts our concerns before God, asks for help and guidance, and helps us find a faithful response, no matter what the news presents.

Here are some suggestions on ways to pray before the news. Additional posts on subsequent days will feature suggestions on ways to pray during or after the news.  Suggestions about scripture passages and hymns that may be useful will also be posted.


Pray that God will help you see each news item through the lens of faith, hope, and charity.

God, help me to remember you are already present in all places, people, and situations. Help me to know everything in today’s news is already in your care. Fill me with trust and faith as I watch the news this morning.

   God, help me remember your promise that you bring new life out of pain, suffering, and death. Fill me with hope as I listen to the news tonight.

God, help me remember your commands to feed your sheep and love my enemies. Cleanse my heart and mind from judgments and easy answers. Fill me with your compassion and love as I prepare to read the news now.  

Offered by Jane Jakoubek, Good Shepherd Member and Spiritual Director