Praying the News, “After” – November 2016


PRAYING THE NEWS: Ways to pray before, during, and after

As people of faith, the watching, listening to, reading, and discussing the news offers us an opportunity to pray. Prayer is a positive, life-giving response to the news. Prayer lifts our concerns before God, asks for help and guidance, and helps us find a faithful response, no matter what the news presents.

Here are some suggestions on ways to pray after the news. Suggestions for ways to pray before and during the news were posted previously. Some suggestions about scripture passages and hymns that may be useful will be posted tomorrow.


Speak to God about your thoughts and feelings about the news. Ask for help with feelings like fear or anxiety or despair. Ask for forgiveness for moments when you felt hatred or judgment. Say thank you for the moments when you felt deep trust in God, hope, and love.

   God, forgive me for judging the woman in the story about the house. Help me to deepen my compassion for those in need.

   God, the news is making me feel frightened and helpless right now. Help me transform my fear in trust in you. Help me transform my sense of helplessness into compassion.

   God, thank you for the compassion I felt after hearing about the flooding.

Pray for one or more situations in the news. Commit to praying for it several times over the next 24 hours.

   God, hold the people of Haiti in your care as they recover from Hurricane Matthew. Help the rescue crews reach them with clean water, food, and shelter. Protect them from the spread of disease. Help people, congregations, organizations, and countries be generous in responding to their need.

Ask God for guidance for any response you might make to a story in the today’s news.

   Jesus, you were moved with compassion at the sight of people in need. Today as I read the news, I was deeply moved by the racial injustice in two stories. God, help me see what you are calling me to do here. Help me find concrete ways to help bring about your kingdom where mercy and justice roll down like a river (Amos 5:24). Guide me God; I am listening.