Palm Sunday and Sunday of the Passion, March 25, 2018

The service today will start with a procession with  palms into the sanctuary.  The Passion of Our Lord According to Mark will be read by various voices with responses by the congregation.  

The PALMS we used today are Eco-Palms, a Lutheran World Relief Project. In the harvesting communities of Mexico and Guatemala, workers are paid fairly, the rain forest is protected, and sustainable livelihoods are created. Everyone is welcome to take a palm after the service

THE LITURGICAL COLORS FOR TODAY, Sunday of the Passion or Palm Sunday, are SCARLET, the deep red color of the crucifixion, or purple, the color used throughout Lent. At Good Shepherd we use both. The gates in the weavings have been changed to scarlet with black crosses. The altar and pulpit paraments are those in place since the beginning of Lent but note the areas of scarlet woven into them by Barbara Berg. Sunday of the Passion begins Holy Week and is the last Sunday in Lent. These gates and paraments will remain in place through Maundy Thursday.