Nordic Fest Volunteer


Sign up HERE to help at the booth and at the demonstration table in Bank of the West during Nordic Fest 2023!

The monies raised (over $4000) from our Krumkake project are given to many organizations including Aase Haugen, Decorah Free Clinic, Decorah Community Food Pantry, EWALU, LWR, Helping Services, LSI, and YAGM. Plus we also gave to GS Seminary support, GS mission support and GS Path to Citizenship. Last year we also gave to the GS endowment fund, EWALU special appeal and Sunflower building fund. This project benefits many both locally and globally.

Decorah will soon be celebrating its Norwegian heritage with its 56th year of Nordic Fest. Good Shepherd will also be preparing for their annual Krumkake Fest! Did you know that Good Shepherd has been participating in this event for all 56 years? Our first project in 1966, and for several years thereafter, was a quilt display here at Good Shepherd along with a Konditori (coffee shop) that served sweet soup, a variety of Norwegian cookies and coffee. The quilt display later moved to the high school. Then we were given a booth in front of the Bank of the West and began making and selling krumkaker using a favorite recipe from one of our charter members (Doris Klocke).

Planned by WELCA, the Krumkake demonstration and sale is an all-congregation event. Although this project is a fundraising event we’ve found that it is a wonderful fellowship opportunity for all (families, men, women and children) working together baking, demonstrating and selling those little cone-shaped cookies. All ages are invited to participate and no experience is necessary. This year we will be baking at church from July 15-21 plus a gluten free day on the 24th (see church calendar for schedule). We will also be preparing the batter on Friday afternoon July 14 at 1:00 pm.

  • Krumkake Can Brigade is Sunday July 2. This a fun way to help get the supplies from the annex to the fellowship hall. We will be looking for volunteers to move popcorn cans, pails, totes and other essentials from the annex to the Fellowship Hall.
  • Krumkake Sunday will be on July 9. We will have a baking demonstration and also give you an opportunity to try your hand at baking. Krumkake will also be available to taste on the table during fellowship hour. On this day we will also put Good Shepherd labels on the baggies that are used for packaging. This is another fun “all congregation” event as every table is given labels and baggies to prepare (visitors have also helped us).

Preparing krumkake batter at church

  • In order to comply with health regulations, we will be making the krumkake batter at church. We will be asking for donations (ingredients or cash) for preparing the batter. Sign-up sheets will be available at the church. Please have the ingredients to the church by the morning of July 14. We will also have sign-up sheets for helping mix the batter.


  • 9 sessions are planned at church, or you may want to bake at home or with a friend. Recipes will be available if you wish to bake at home. Come when you can and work only as long as you want. Bakers and rollers can sit down while working. If you are new to the krumkake baking experience, we will teach you (very easy to learn).

Selling at the Booth

  • Selling- 3 hour shifts, stools available for sitting down
  • Booth runner-gets full cans from the bank and returns empty cans to storage area (added position)

Demonstrating during Fest

  • Baking Krumkake in Bank of the West-2 ½ hour shifts in lobby
  • Krumkake bagger-puts fresh krumkake bags to be sold at the booth(added position)