Landscaping with New Trees

Landscaping at Good Shepherd has gone into high gear this spring.  Besides the usual weeding, mulching, and pruning of the landscape beds, the outside planters have been filled with annuals and new trees have been planted.  The planters contain cannas, coleus, impatiens, creeping jenny and papyrus.   

The new trees, purchased with John Bale Memorial funds, replace diseased trees which were removed this spring.  An Amur Maple, Exclamation Sycamore, and two Fall Fiesta Sugar Maples have been planted on the outer edges of the back yard.  The Facilities and Grounds Committee with the Landscape Subcommittee, have collaborated on the selection and siting of the trees.  Drew Stevenson, owner of Stevenson Tree Care, provided recommendations while his crew planted the trees.  

The lawn is mowed by congregation volunteers.  Congregation policy is that no herbicides or pesticides are used on the Good Shepherd lawn or beds.  

Future plans are for more weeding, continued watering, and replanting where necessary.