New Equal Exchange Food Items


New Products for Sale in Addition to Equal Exchange Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa

Organic strawberry jam and organic orange marmalade are two new products the Coffee Committee is selling along with coffee. tea, and cocoa from Equal Exchange. The jams are made with sugar from farmer co-ops in Paraguay and sell for $4.00 per 12 ounce jar.
Organic strawberries are cooked down in traditional copper pans with organic sugar to preserve natural sweet and juicy flavors in the strawberry jam. With golden slivers of tangy oranges and the natural sweetness of raw sugar, the orange marmalade has a fresh, zesty flavor.

We’ve also added Apricot and Chocolate Raisin GeoBars. The Apricot Geobar is a mix of wild apricots, juicy raisins, and sweet honey blended with toasted wheat flakes, oats, and crisped rice. The Chocolate Raisin Geobar has juicy raisins, cocoa, and dark chocolate chips blended with toasted wheat flakes, oats, crisped rice and honey. For those interested in calorie content, one bar is 120 calories. There are 6 bars per package, and each package sells for $3.00.

As always, all products offered through Equal Exchange are Fair Trade, which benefits small farmer cooperatives around the world.  We are able to purchase items at wholesale through Equal Exchange’s InterFaith Program, and a percentage of what we purchase from Equal Exchange is donated to Lutheran World Relief.

Please provide feedback to the Coffee Committee so we can tailor the Equal Exchange products we sell to what you like. We just ordered Chai and Peppermint teas based on congregational feedback!