March 20, 2020 Message from Pastor Amy

Beloved of God,

We will soon be in a position to send a letter via the postal service with a summary of our plans for continuing ministry even when we can’t meet in person. For now here is info about Sunday worship and the Shepherds who will be assisting the pastors in caring for “flocks” of Good Shepherd members in this time. 
Here is the link to participate in the livestream of the Sunday morning worship service. You just click here, you don’t have to type anything in, just click here. You can join in as we stream this at 9:30am Sunday or participate later as the video is accessible to view later at that same link. The bulletin for Sunday is attached to this email.
The links for worship and the bulletins can also be found on the website under the WORSHIP tab.
We have also learned that Luther can broadcast our service on the radio with the help of an international student. It will be broadcast live at 9:30am on KWLC 1240am or by clicking by clicking here
Shepherds for our Flocks
Good Shepherd congregation is putting in place a system to help us all stay connected in mutually supportive ways during this extraordinary time. Under the guidance of Pr. Amy, and with the support of the Social Justice Sub-committee, we have grouped the congregation into 10 “Flocks.” Each Flock has 14 or 15 individual and family group members. These Flocks will be cared for by 10 “Shepherds.”  You can think of these Shepherds as an expansion of the pastoral ministry of our congregation. The Shepherds will be in direct communication with their Flocks through phone calls, email, and hand written notes. Shepherds, as much as possible, will assist with arranging support services for their flock – meaning they will contact other members at large – to pick up groceries, medications, or run other necessary errands. Shepherds will share pastoral concerns with Pr. Amy and Pr. Marion who will provide further care. The Shepherds will maintain confidentiality, and will only share needs and concerns with Pr. Amy and Pr. Marion.
Your shepherds will be calling you to check in starting next week.
Peace to you,
Pr. Amy