Lutherans and Catholics Commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, October 31


On Monday, October 31, Pope Francis, Bishop Munib Younan and General Secretary Martin Junge and others will be participating in a prayer service in the Lund (Sweden) Cathedral on the occasion of Lutherans and Catholics commemorating jointly the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.  The live-streaming of this event can be accessed at

The event is to begin at 2:30 pm Central European Time which translates to 7:30 am in Iowa, assuming a seven hour time difference. A related event will be held in Malmo (Sweden).  Access the link to confirm times.  The theme of the events is From Conflict to Communion-Together in Hope.

The Lutheran World Federation, a communion of churches based in Switzerland, is participating in the event which will highlight the solid ecumenical developments between Catholics and Lutherans and the joint gifts received through dialogue.  The diverse commemoration program of over 24 hours is marked by a liturgical service, commemoration event and press conferences.