Landscaping at Good Shepherd is largely done by volunteers with some professional assistance for major tasks.  The Landscape Committee is composed of congregation members Cheryl Donlon, Elizabeth Kaschins, Jane Kemp and Norma Refsal (with frequent assistance of Harley Refsal).  The committee reports to the Property and Management Committee with quarterly updates.  The Property and Management Committee recruits members to mow the property.  Herbicides and insecticides are not applied to the landscape beds or grounds.

The Landscape Committee plants outdoor pots which flank the doorways in the spring with annuals, and refreshes them in the fall with pumpkins, gourds, and bittersweet.  During the winter months, the pots are planted with evergreens and birch and red dogwood branches.  Easter Lilies are planted in the pots for Easter Sunday and succeeding Sundays, weather permitting.


The committee also maintains the many landscaped beds on the church grounds.  These beds are planted with perennials, including an assortment of pollinators, and top-dressed with either mulch or Winona rock.  The constant chore of weeding is also done by this committee of volunteers.  

During 2017, in honor of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, a “Reformation Grove” of over 45 varieties of trees and shrubs was planted.  The grove consisted of a large perennial bed containing perennials and trees, with additional trees and shrubs planted around the perimeter of the Good Shepherd land.  Special attention was paid to selecting deer-resistant varieties of plants.