John Sieber Passes Away

JOHN SIEBER, who passed away on Monday, September 15, was a former member of Good Shepherd. Funeral services will be held Saturday, September 20, at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Chula Vista, California. John is survived by his wife, Katrinka, daughter Anne Sieber Collingwood, son Hans Sieber, and their families. John graduated from Luther College in 1958 with a BA in Greek. His received his B.Th. from Luther Seminary and his Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University. He taught Religion and Classics at Luther College from 1965 until his retirement in 2000. During his years at Good Shepherd, John served in many capacities including that of supply pastor and Treasurer. Katrinka is at home at 374 Imperial Beach Blvd., Imperial Beach, California 91932.