Stewardship Appeal 2023


We witness God’s amazing abundance at Good Shepherd in big and small ways. Even in the everyday gifts, we know that God is working through each of us to make good things happen. 

The Fruits of the Spirit are right in front of us.  Let’s gather and share God’s abundance together.  The goal of our Stewardship appeal this year is to increase giving by $10,000. This increase will enable us to:

  • Run a fully carbon-neutral facility by the end of 2023! In June 2022, the congregation renewed its commitment to be a green congregation by voting to work with Mission Green LLC. Through partnership with Mission Green, we will have heat pumps, more solar panels, and a shaded courtyard to enjoy our great backyard rain or shine. Our building will be completely powered by renewable energy. Your gifts will help power this project. 
  • Strengthen our ministry and faith community and support our staff. The many ways we thrive as a congregation are facilitated, in part, by a wonderful staff of faithful and spirited people led by Pastor Amy and including Brooke, Erica, Kelli, and Mike, our new facilities caretaker. Your increased giving this year will help us to support our great staff so it can continue to build up our community and help us do great ministry. 
  • Continue our commitment to God’s work beyond the congregation. God’s gifts are meant to be shared with a world in need. We make a difference together as we join in ministry with and for God’s people around the world. Your gifts make it possible for us to give 26% of our operating expenses to nurture hope beyond the congregation.

And in a larger way, our increased giving, and an increase in the number of people contributing, will help us make the diverse gifts of our congregation possible, and lead us forward as we discern God’s will for us now.

You can help to bring these blessings forward. Please pray for a generous response, and please prayerfully consider increasing your giving in the coming year. Thank you for everything you do to make our rich congregational life possible. And thank God for the gifts we receive, and for our diverse abilities to recognize, gather, and share those gifts in faith.

You can mail your intent to the church or make an intent online on this form:

Online Statement of Intent