Hear the Good News! Stewardship Appeal for 2022 Giving

Stewardship Appeal for 2022 Giving

Proposal for Congregational Vote:

Audio Video Proposal 11-21

THE HEAR THE GOOD NEWS STEWARDSHIP APPEAL is to support all the work we will do together in 2022 through our regular budget and special projects.

Our special areas of emphasis for 2022 are:
1) an improved audio/video system,
2) upgrades to the grand piano in the sanctuary,
3) investments in staff,
4) continued giving to God’s work beyond this congregation (26% of the budget).

Our financial goal for this stewardship appeal had to be set before we received a proposal from DB Acoustics for the audio/video system. The proposal has come in at just about $25,000. This means we will need $35,000 in new giving. As of Nov. 9, we have received commitments for $21,000 in one-time gifts towards the piano and sound system. The remaining amount needed to meet all our goals for 2022 is $14,000 in new giving this year. Please consider giving generously towards all our goals and all our shared work together for 2022 as you consider your Statement of Intent for your regular giving for 2022. You are also welcome to give a one-time gift designated for the audio/video system.

You can mail your intent to the church or make an intent online on this form:

Online Statement of Intent