Good Shepherd Members During Covid

Since we have been unable to have in-person worship for several months, and so are not accustomed to seeing one another, we are posting albums in flickr which remind us of our life together as a congregation.  

“Congregation Members During Covid (July-October 2020)”
“Bell Ringing”
“VBS (2020)”
“Outdoor Communion (July 8)”
“Outdoor Communion (July 12)”
“Outdoor Communion (August 9)”
“Outdoor Communion (August 23)”
“Outdoor Communion (September 13)”
“Live Jazz Concert (September 18, 2020)”
“Matilda’s Baptism (September 27)”
“Outdoor Communion (October 11)”
“New Sidewalk (October 2020)”
“All Saints Sunday (November 1, 2020)”
“Outdoor Communion (November 8, 2020)”