Offering plates with giftsDifferent methods for giving at Good Shepherd are described below. Every gift given at Good Shepherd is a welcome gift, particularly when it is shared with gratitude toward God.

Give at Church

These donations occur when the giver wishes to make a gift directly during the worship services. Typically, this is done by cash or check. Unless the Online Giving option described below is chosen, the use of offering envelopes is strongly encouraged.

Offering Envelopes


Each year, a set of personalized offering envelopes is issued to everyone at Good Shepherd who has not chosen to use the Online Giving option (below). A choice of weekly or monthly envelopes is available. An envelope number is assigned to each household ensuring that the gift is accurately noted in church giving records.

Using envelopes is a tangible act of gratitude for all the blessings God provides and simplifies and ensures accuracy of the record-keeping process. Quarterly giving statements are issued to givers to ensure timely accuracy; annual statements are created in January covering the previous year.

Electronic Bank Transfers (Automatic Deductions)

Recurring gifts, such as offerings, and other contributions can be made electronically through the bill pay method offered by banks. The giver makes arrangements with their bank to transfer funds from checking or saving accounts directly to Good Shepherd. Using this method allows contributions to continue uninterrupted during absences thereby providing a steady and consistent means of support for the church.

Automatic withdrawal can also be arranged by Good Shepherd. A link to the Authorization Agreement for Automatic Withdrawal form is provided here.  The form can be printed out and, after the information is provided, may be given to the church office.

Authorization for Withdrawal Form

The household’s assigned ‘envelope number’ also is used in the bill pay method to ensure accurate recording of giving. Records of online giving are noted in the quarterly and annual giving statements provided by the church office.

Mission Assistance Fund


The mission of the Mission Assistance Fund at Good Shepherd Church is to follow the words of Jesus in Matthew 25:40 “Truly I tell you; just as you did it to one of the least of these you did it to me.”    At Good Shepherd, a committee including the Pastor, the congregation’s Treasurer and one layperson is given discretion and authority, within established limits and guidelines, to provide confidential financial assistance to persons in need.  The Fund is intended for individuals and families confronted with an emergency situation and can be assisted by Good Shepherd above and beyond social service agencies.   Funding is provided by the church budget and donations.

Guiding Principles for the Mission Assistance Fund

  1. Kindness and patience toward people are very important.
  2. Privacy and dignity of people are important.
  3. Good Shepherd worship attenders are our first priority.
  4. Families with children are a top priority.
  5. Emergency situations are more important than on-going requests for assistance.

Special Gifts, Memorials, and Funds

Gifts in these categories and to these funds allow the congregation to plan beyond the general budget for daily ministries to fund special projects and causes. Gifts may be designated for particular needs or be undesignated.

Gifts to the Mission Endowment Fund and Music Scholarship Fund stand on the shoulders of faithful people who have gone before us. They support the work and mission outreach of Good Shepherd for future decades by providing income, often be-yond the lifetime of the giver.

Gifts of money, financial instruments, and offers of physical property are welcome. The Congregation Council reviews all donations. To arrange for such gifts, consult with Pastor Amy.  The links to policies and fund descriptions found below.

Special Gifts

Special gifts are provided by givers when unique outreach projects arise such as anniversary events, Lenten offerings or other notable occasions in the life of the church. Unanticipated needs can also be met with special gifts for family distress, disaster relief, or the building infrastructure. These gifts can be designated for a particular purpose or occasion, or be undesignated and applied by the Congregation Council where appropriate.


Memorials are given to honor loved ones or in thanksgiving for special events. They often are given at the time of an event like a funeral. They may be designated for a specific use or undesignated.

Good Shepherd adopted a Policy for Special Gifts and Memorials in 2012. It is reviewed periodically for updates or changes.

Good Shepherd’s Policy for Special Gifts and Memorials

Mission Endowment Fund

This endowment was established to provide annual distributions beyond the operating budget of this congregation to various ministries. The committee can only disperse funds from the interest earned according to guidelines established for the Endowment in the Bylaws (Continuing Resolutions) of the congregation.

Mission Endowment Fund Continuing Resolution

Music Scholarship Fund

The spirit of this award, established in 2012, is to support church musicians who serve Good Shepherd either as adults or students, and are at the beginning of their careers. An award may be used for graduate work or continuing education (such as conferences or workshops).

Music Scholarship Fund Guidelines