Do you want to begin 2018 listening for God’s call to you for this time in your life? Do you want to make decisions based on what God is inviting you to be and do instead of patterns and habits from the past? The Epiphany Prayer Journey at Good Shepherd offers you an opportunity to listen to God’s invitation to you through scripture and reflection. What is involved?

There will be three gatherings during Epiphany: January 9, January 16, and January 23. Each one will be about 20 minutes. You can come to a midday gathering from 12:15-12:35 pm, or you can come to an early evening gathering from 5:15-5:35 pm. You are welcome to come on all three dates; we will use different scripture passages each time and often our sense of God’s call to us deepens and becomes clearer when we listen over time. You are also welcome to come on one or two dates if that works best for you; the power of scripture to speak to us is open to us each time we stop and listen. The gatherings will be led by Jane Jakoubek.

What will we do at each Epiphany prayer gathering? The group will gather in the sanctuary and begin with short silence. A scripture passage will be read slowly and deliberately. Each person is invited to pay attention to words or phrases that especially catch their attention. The scripture passage is read again, and this time each person is invited to listen for any invitation God seems to be offering them. We will end with a time of silent reflection and prayer about what we have received in this time.

The Epiphany Prayer Journey is open to anyone. Invite a family member, friend, or coworker to come with you. Everyone is welcome to come hear God’s Epiphany message to them.

Image:  Laura Hoeg