Depot Awards $2,000 Grant for LED Lighting


The Depot Outlet in Decorah has recently awarded a grant of $2,000 to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church for its LED Lighting Initiative.  The congregation‘s goal was to relamp 100% of its interior and exterior lighting.

Following an energy audit of the church in 2014, it was determined that further energy savings, beyond the church’s Energy Star status received in 2013, would be to convert all existing lighting to LED lighting.  This involved every bulb/fixture throughout the entire interior of the building as well as parking lot lights, exterior signage and entry lights, and installation of occupancy sensors for all hallway and restroom lighting.

These improvements provide significant energy savings of nearly 9,000 watts of lighting over those previously used. It will dramatically improve lighting throughout the facility as well as provide uniformity, enhance security and significantly lower maintenance costs. Congregation President Jim Fritz, who led the initiative to improve the lighting, was assisted by Keith Donlon of Decorah Electric and a corps of volunteers from the congregation.

Fritz commented that “These lighting upgrades are an important investment of our energy resources.  It also continues the path towards energy self-sufficiency that has been a hallmark of Good Shepherd.”   Interim Pastor April Ulring Larson also noted that this initiative would make the church more welcoming and hospitable, allowing it to shine its light more strongly.

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