Cross Returns to Its Historic Location


IMG_2817Today a crew composed of congregation members Reg Laursen, Jerry Frank and Dan Raney installed a cross in the Fellowship Hall which was last hung in the hall shortly after the original sanctuary was built in 1958.  This was at the time the Fellowship Hall served as the sanctuary for Good Shepherd.  The style of the cross design was reminiscent of the exterior cross which was located in front of the original church building.

GS Before Addition

The cross was rediscovered last year during a Good Shepherd clean-out of the Annex attic.  Mike Cornelius of The Restoration Station refinished the walnut wood and repainted the hand-hammered metal mounts.  Ray Torresdal created the metal brackets necessary to mount the cross on the wall.    The Art Committee recommended the location of the cross which is hung directly opposite the Barn Board Cross created by Ruth Frost when she was a student of Art Prof. Orville Running’s at Luther College.  It also hung in the original sanctuary as can be seen in the photograph below taken at the time the sanctuary was moved to its present location.

IMG_28202 (1)

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