Covid-19 Protocols – Updated August 17, 2021


At the August 17 meeting, the Congregation council updated the COVID protocols:

  1. Masks are required indoors for all students and teachers in Sunday School, Youth Forum and Confirmation.
  2. Teachers and Worship Leaders are asked to attest to their vaccination status before teaching and leading wor- ship.
  3. Fellowship hour will move outdoors. The serving table will be set up indoors in the entryway (vestibule) by the kitchen. Servers will remain masked. People will be invited to come through the line indoors and enjoy treats outdoors. Feel free to bring chairs from home to sit and enjoy treats outdoors.

The council has approved these 3 motions by email on 8/26

1. Groups using the Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary can set their own policies about masks and food. Masks and distancing are encouraged.

2. Funeral receptions can be held indoors as long as there are servers who feel comfortable serving at an indoor reception. Ideally, the catered meals will require minimal serving help so that only those who chose to attend will be present. We are doing this with Fellowship Hall policies while also still having Fellowship Hour outside. Fellowship Hour is an important time of gathering for the congregation. We want to be inclusive to unvaccinated kids (who love Fellowship Hour!), those who are immunocompromised, and those who feel uncomfortable serving at an unmasked indoor gathering. For now it is fairly simple to be outside for Fellowship Hour. These policies for the Fellowship Hall allow people to make their own decisions regarding things that aren’t central to our congregation.

Please note: The Congregation Council, rather than a COVID task force, is now setting COVID protocols.