Construction News – Summer 2019

From the Facilities Improvement Committee:  Contractor work began the first week of June with the construction of temporary walls at both ends of the Education Wing to separate the reconstruction from the rest of church activities. In this way access to the entry, church offices, and sanctuary will continue, and the construction area will be walled off to control dust, noise and related activities.

There is a temporary closure of the east entry kitchen door so kitchen access is by way of the fellowship hall door during this time, but the fellowship hall is accessible for most regular activities. Restrooms next to the sanctuary are available for use during construction but the restrooms next to fellowship hall are not available.  

Right now to get into the sanctuary you will need to enter the building from the parking lot. To get to the great Fellowship hour after worship, go outside and enter at the doors marked Fellowship Hall (temporary Fellowship entry pictured here).  The renovations are making things messy for now but it is all to make sure that you know that there is a place for you here!

       Construction outside for the geothermal portion of the HVAC system began in June. It is expected that this will continue thru most of June. Interior HVAC work will begin as demolition allows and as new wall construction is ready. The majority of the reconstruction work will continue thru most of July to prepare for finish work in August. 

Other renovation photos may be seen on flickr.