Advent Prayer Calendar


An Advent Prayer Calendar provides a Word for each day of Advent. This calendar will help us pray through Advent. Use the Word to center your thoughts and open you to God’s presence as you move through your day. Watch for where you see the Word at work in your day. For example, when the word is wait: when did you have to wait today? Was it in the grocery store, online, on hold, at the doctor’s office? How is that like waiting for God?

The Word of the Day will be posted on the Good Shepherd Facebook site each day. To access this site, go to the Good Shepherd website and click on the Facebook logo on the upper right side. Each day a new Word will appear. “Like” the word and if you wish, “Comment” on it.

Please share your thoughts and pictures about where you see the Word at work in your life during Advent. Post them on our Good Shepherd Facebook page and they’ll be shared with all who follow our page. Add #GSAdventprayer in your post so we can search for these photos online. (Please share your own photos or credit the source of the photo.)

With thanks to First Lutheran Church, Onalaska