Adult Forum Special Series

imagesA Special Series on the Church is being offered by the ELCA which provides a 5 week discussion called “Claimed, Gathered, Sent.”  The Adult Forum committee is sponsoring these discussions and then using the topics to organize Forum sessions over the next year.  The topics include:  1. We Are Church.  2.  We are Lutheran. 3.  We Are Church Together.  4.  We are Church for the Sake of the World.  5.  What Difference Do We Make?  Everyone is invited to the Narthex refurbished with a new whiteboard and screen.

March 22:  Pr. Judd Larson – This Sunday‘s Forum presents the Ben Music Project and the liturgy, Behold, I Make All Things New.  Erin Branchaud speaking of Ben’s music wrote, “A heart song is more than a favorite song …a heart song is somehow a part of who you are.  It is a song that, when you hear it, you think it might have just been written for you.  It is that first song you want to sing when you experience joy or pain.  It reaches deep into your heart and opens you to sing your very being.  For me, and I’m sure for many of you, my heart song is a Ben song.  Ben’s music somehow gets to the very core of who we are, and once it is there, it wraps us tightly in God’s love.”  Come and experience Ben’s music!

March 29:  Dan Raney – Hindsight 70/150: Hindemith and Whitman on Human Conflict, Loss, and Healing.  In commemoration of the end of the American Civil War and Lincoln’s assassination, Dan Raney will explore Paul Hindemith’s 1945 “Requiem,” When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d.  The discussion will focus on Walt Whitman’s landmark 1865 elegy, and on the common human conditions of conflict, loss, and rebirth expressed through poetry and music.