25th Anniversary: Gift Fund Drive

The 25th Anniversary Gift Fund Drive will be launched in the coming days. Jon Christy, Steering Committee Co-chair, will give Temple Talks at the Saturday and Sunday services, September  21 and 22. Gift Fund letters, including contribution/pledge intent forms and return envelopes, will be in the mail on Monday, September 23. The goal for this anniversary gift fund is $25,000 to be divided between hospitality upgrades for our spaces and furnishings and local community and Lutheran global outreach. Specific details about the hospitality upgrades and outreach gifts are contained in the letter.


25th Anniversary Fundraising Letter

Fundraising Form

Be Informed!

For 25th Anniversary news updates, visit the website or note items in service bulletins and the newsletters.

Fundraising flags on church lawn.

Introduction of 25th Anniversary Gift Fund Drive.

25th Anniversary Gift Fund Drive flag.

25th Anniversary Gift Fund Drive flag.