2024 Mowing


Mowing instructions:

  • Contact Tristan at the Good Shepherd Office at office@goodshepherddecorah.org or (563) 382-3963 if you need to change your mowing assignment.
  • Try to mow as late in the week as possible. Thursday is acceptable, Friday/Saturday is best.
  • The code to the mower shed lock is listed on the sign-up on the Gathering Space table. It must line up with the “hash marks” on the lock.  When re-locking, rotate the number dial away from the code.
  • Mow only the areas outlined in yellow on the map provided. The Facilities and Grounds committee will mow the remainder.  Avoid the newest seeding but mow the new lawn area directly south of the pergola.
  • The boundaries of the Pollinator Prairie are marked with rebar stakes topped with a yellow “mushroom”. Avoid this area.
  • For the front yard, set the mower to 3” depth. All areas in the backyard (but only those indicated on the map) should be mowed at 4”.
  • Do not discharge grass clippings onto the flower beds and tree rings.
  • Do not roll over the new tree rings. “Keep wheels off the steel”
  • Gas for the riding lawn mower is in the 5 gallon canisters on the east wall of the mower shed.
  • The push mower uses regular gas. The trimmer uses mixed gas (separate can)
  • Use weed trimmer to get whatever you can’t get with the rider or push mower.
  • After mowing, run the riding mower over all the sidewalks to blow loose grass off the surface.
  • After Kinderhaus is out of session and has removed their equipment from their area, please mow this area as well.
  • Leave a message with Tristan or Erica if we are running low on gas
  • If you have problems or questions, contact Jim Fritz (563) 379-7363, Bob Wilson (563) 419-7278, or Lance Wood (573) 808-5966
  • THANK YOU for volunteering to keep our sheep pasture beautiful!

                                       Facilities and Grounds Committee