Fellowship Hour

Any type of Fellowship Hour is welcome! The goal is to have a space and time to gather together. Community time together can be fostered around simple cups of coffee and juice/water, boxes of cookies or chips, or homemade treats and special decorations – share what you want, how you want.

Ways to get involved with Fellowship Hour: In an effort to open the space for more ways to get involved with Fellowship Hour, the sign-up process has changed, as well as the options for how to help make it happen. You can sign up for each task if you want to, or just sign-up for what you want to do. In order for Fellowship Hour to happen, there needs to be a minimum of a coffee & set-up person, and a serve &clean-up person.

Here are the 4 ways to get involved – do all four or just one!


  • Set up the serving table as needed and put out trash bins and/or dish collection bins on the counter. Feel free to serve from the window of the kitchen or use the serving table down the center of the room. Cream can be fresh/perishable or in the small pods/non-perishable.
  • Make coffee. More detailed instructions available in the kitchen with photo step-by-step instructions.


  • Help serve and stock food at the serving table
  • Help clean-up the kitchen and Fellowship Hall (either doing the dishes or collecting trash). More detailed instructions for clean-up can be found in the kitchen on the refrigerator and above the dishwasher.


  • Drop off treats (bars, cookies, cheese tray, fruit, cream for coffee, etc.) either before Sunday if you are not helping serve, or bring with you on Sunday if you are helping to serve. Label and put in the fridge/counter.


  • A passive way to drop off non-perishable drinks and treats in the Kitchen any time, any day. Bright blue bins are next to the ovens in the kitchen.
  • These are intended to be used however the persons leading Fellowship Hour want to – they can pull from only the bins, or not at all.


  • During Sunday school/youth group season: place a tray of easy snacks on the back tables of the Fellowship Hall, and a tray of a pitcher of water and juice with disposable cups. Enough for 15 youth. 
  • Gluten Free and non-gluten free options are appreciated if providing food.
  • Cream can be fresh/perishable or in the small pods/non-perishable.
  • The kitchen is stocked with paper goods/serving utensils, and tablecloths for the serving table if you wish to use it are in the utility closet in the corner of the Fellowship Hall.
  • When setting up, place the offering basket with the sign and hand sanitizer at the start of the serving line – donations support the Mission Assistance Fund. The ushers handle the offering.   
  • The dishwasher can be used or the supply of paper cups/plates/napkins/silverware can be used.
  • When you are signed up to serve, the Ministry Support Coordinator will contact you if Fellowship Hour is happening and to what extent, and what supplies are available for you to use as you wish.



  • Follow the dishwashing instructions posted above the sink. 
  • Dispose of all used paper products, return wastebaskets to the kitchen. 
  • Turn off the coffee unit and follow the instructions for cleaning the coffee pots. Coffee grounds can be put it the silver bin on the counter. Record the day’s information on the “Coffee Record” clipboard.  
  • Wipe stovetop, refrigerator door handle, sinks and counters in the kitchen and tables in the Fellowship Hall using one of the Clorox or Lysol products under the sink. 
  • Place any remaining garbage in bins. If bags are full, tie bags and take them to outside garbage cans (around the corner outside the back door). Reline the cans; bags are stored in the cupboard with the water heater. 
  • Place any recyclables in the bins
  • Take used towels home (tablecloths as needed) to launder and return at your earliest convenience. 
  • Wipe tables in the fellowship hall using one of the Clorox or Lysol products under the sink.    
  • Check chairs for soil and crumbs. Soiled areas can usually be cleaned with a wet towel (no soap) and a little rubbing.
  • Clean any messy areas of the floor. If necessary, there is a carpet sweeper/vacuum in the storeroom. 

Before you leave 

  • Make sure the coffee pot is turned off. 
  • Turn off the kitchen and fellowship hall lights.   


  • Note the location of the fire extinguisher and the first aid kit (in the corner near the door). Each kitchen outlet is on its own circuit.