Stewardship Appeal for 2018

A Place to Connect: with God, others and the world

Stewardship Appeal for 2018

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is a place to connect. In this space, we connect with God, with others, and with the world.

The online Statement of Intent (Pledge) form is here at this link – online form – to send your Statement of Intent directly to the church office.

Good Shepherd is an inviting, generous congregation. Members and guests feel comfortable and welcome here. Our sanctuary builds community – in this space we see one another and we ourselves are seen. Our beautiful green space connects us to nature. We are a gathering place for community, worship, learning, and service to others. We connect here with the needs of the world and are sent to share God’s healing love.

An increase in giving in the next year would allow us to expand our ability to use our building for ministry with each other and the wider Decorah community. Increased giving will also allow us to solidify and extend existing ministries with youth, young adults, elders, and social action that the presence of an assistant pastor has made more possible. In 2017, a special gift made it possible to employ Pastor Marion Pruitt-Jefferson as Assistant Pastor at Good Shepherd. We now seek to fund that position through the budget so that the whole congregation can support the ministry that her presence helps to make possible.

Our goal is to increase giving by $85,000 in new offerings throughout 2018. The additional funds will be used in the following three ways:


We seek to expand the welcome we feel around our communion rail in order to make our building even more of a place of connection. We will care for our central sanctuary space by doing needed updates and maintenance. We will hire a building space use professional to advise us on a multi- year plan to us shape flexible and inviting space for youth, education, meeting rooms, offices and community activities and events.  The link to the bulletin insert for October 22, A Place to Connect: Expanding the Welcome,” is below.

Expanding the Welcome


We will focus on deepening youth and young adult connections to our ministry life through staff support and increased funding for the following: Sunday School, the new Youth Forum, youth retreats and service trips, Vacation Bible School and camperships to cover costs for Bible camps. Pastor Amy will continue to invest time with youth and young adults. Both pastors will continue to share in visitation with elders and will help other members stay connected to homebound members.  The link to the bulletin insert for November 5, A Place to Connect: Across the Generations, is below.

 Across the Generations


We will strengthen our involvement with social action through more hands-on support of AMMPARO (accompanying migrant minors), Kid’s Lunch Club, and the Decorah Community Food Pantry. We will also explore other opportunities for service and advocacy in Decorah and the larger world.  The link to the bulletin insert for November 12, A Place to Connect: Faith in Action, is below.

Faith in Action

How will the appeal work?

  1.  Good Shepherd members and friends will hear stories in worship and small group conversations about how God is working through us already. We’ll hear stories in worship on Oct 22, Nov 5, and Nov 12.
  2. Members will get a “big picture” sense of current giving at Good Shepherd and what may be possible through increased giving through materials in worship, the newsletter, and in the mail.  Stewardship Appeal Letter #1
  3. Every member will receive a visit or phone call from a volunteer.  A Place to Connect brochure
  4. We will take time in worship on Sunday, November 19 to fill out a Statement of Intent.  Statement of Intent (Pledge)

You may also click this link – online form – to send your Statement of Intent directly to the church office.

We will do a special spring appeal for some specific building projects.

God, who is the source of all generosityoffers us abundant grace and love. We, who are created in God’s image, are invited to respond with a joyful and generous spirit. Together, we create a place to connect with God, others, and the world.