Congregation Council & Committees

The Council is comprised of the pastor, the four congregation officers, a representative of each of the six elected Standing Committees of the congregation, and a Youth Representative. Terms end after the annual meeting in the year indicated.


President: Jim Fritz, ’18
Vice President:  Megan Buckingham, ’18
Secretary: Jeri Laursen, ’18
Treasurer: John Moeller, ‘18

Standing Committees

Education Committee:  Heather Cote, ’19; Anna Norris, ’19; Bob Felde, ’20
Adult Forum Subcommittee:  Richard Ylvisaker, Jutta Anderson, Pr. Marion

Evangelism Committee:  Lise Kildegaard, ’18; Sharon Rendack, ’19; Janeen Christy, ’20
Communications Subcommittee:  Kathy Buzza; Elizabeth Kaschins; Jane Kemp; Anna Norris; Pr. Amy

Property & Management Committee:  Reg Laursen, ’18; Marty Steele, ’19; Bob Naslund, ’20
Landscape Subcommittee:  Bob Felde; Elizabeth Kaschins; Jane Kemp; Norma Refsal

Stewardship Committee:  Amalia Vagts, ’18; Germano Streese, ’19; Jerry Bruce, ’20
Social Justice Subcommittee:  David Judisch; Kate Narveson; Lyle Otte; Jon Ailabouni

Worship & Music Committee: Luther Snow, ’18; Jon Christy, ’19; Kathryn Thompson, ’20; ex officio, Brooke Joyce (Music Director); Elizabeth Kaschins, Jeri Laursen (Altar Guild)
Ad Hoc Art at Good Shepherd Subcommittee:  Jutta Anderson; Barbara Berg; Erik Berg; Harley Refsal

Youth Representative: (temporarily unfilled)

To contact members of the congregation council, please contact the church office.

Other Committees and Representatives, 2017